Dr. Bhama, a research scientist working at the prestigious atomic centre is shoved from the seventh floor of the picturesque building. Dhruv tried to break his fall but Dr. Bhama was grievously injured! Dr. Bhama manages to warn Dhruv about a spy in the organization! Dhruv confronts the spy which leads to a mortal combat! In a freak accident, the spy is killed by a steel boomerang! The director discloses to Dhruv that a secret atomic explosion is being conducted at Pokhran! Dhruv recalls that his father, Commissioner Rajan was asked to take charge of security at Pokhran! Shweta, her sister had accompanied Commissioner Rajan to his new posting! The spy network had managed to obtain the designs of nuclear device and wanted to sabotage the explosion! They had discovered secret passages which lead them to the site of explosion! The explosion was sabotaged and the army was swung into action.

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