ग्रांड मास्टर रोबो

A nuclear explosion has rocked the shores of Rajnagar! Grand master Robo a feared international terrorist is elated with the success of the explosion, as he could blackmail countries to cave in to his demands! But unfortunately the shores of Rajnagar were littered with dead fishes killed due to the nuclear radiation! Dhruv alerts the police about the incident and radiation is confirmed! A fire breathing monster attacks a bus which was en-route to the atomic power plant at Rajnagar! Even Chandika is unable to stop the monster. Dhruv and Peter visit the blast site and discover Swarn Nagri, a city of gold. They have to beat a retreat when Peter gets injured in an attack by Robo’s henchmen! The existence of Swarn Nagri and its inhabitants which was a well guarded secret has been exposed as Grand Master Robo has also come to know of its existence! Chandika manages to make friends with Natasha a student of journalism by saving her life who returns the favor by helping the commando force! Discover the close guarded secret of Swarn Nagri and its inhabitants? Will they be friends of foes to the human race! What is the mystery behind the monster breathing out fire? Will Robo succeed in is evil designs! It is easily the greatest adventure involving Dhruv! The epitome of good and evil face each other in person for the first time! Also introducing Dhananjay who will become a crucial ally of Dhruv in the days to come! Catch this racy adventure with an excellent from of story telling exclusively on Raj Comics!

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