ब्लैक कैट

Natasha is falsely implicated in a massacre and her past as has been exposed! Commissioner Rajan has come to know that Natasha is the daughter of Grand Master Robo the dreaded terrorist! Natasha has turned into a fugitive and blames Dhruv for this debacle! Dhruv manages to locate Natasha and asks her to surrender! The police are informed of Natasha’s whereabouts and they arrest her! Can Dhruv seek justice for Natasha? Introducing the bold and sexy siren, Black Cat! Who is this Mysterious fighter? What is her role in this grand conspiracy?? It’s an adventure with unexpected twists and turns and high on adrenalin to satisfy your senses! Who was responsible for this massacre and why was Natasha implicated? Let the conspiracy unfold exclusively on Raj Comics.

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